Tympanum Surgery

The tympanum is an organ in the form of a thin curtain that separates the middle ear and the external auditory canal.I ts two most important functions are to help hear by transmitting sound to the middle ear ossicles and to protect the middle ear from external harmful factors. Perforations in the tympanum may occur as a result of frequent and inadequately treated middle ear infections especially in childhood. In this case, repair of the tympanum comes up. Tympanum surgery is performed both endoscopically and microscopically. A tissue to be used as a eardrum is taken from the person’s own body by surgery and placed in a compatible way with the present eardrum using an appropriate method. By this way, the muscle cover behind the ear, ear cartilages, fatty tissue, etc. tissues are used to create new tympanum. I perform tympanum surgeries with a high success rate.

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