Throat and Vocal Cord Surgeries

The throat is a region located between the root of the tongue and the trachea and is open to harmful factors taken through the respiratory passage. This is also the organ where sound is created, as it includes the vocal cords. Today, unfortunately, throat cancers are still among the most common cancers due to exposure to smoking and polluted air. If caught at an early stage surgery is possible with maximum organ-preserving procedures, but in later cases, the whole larynx is removed and a permanent hole is made in the neck. The most logical way to avoid this situation is not to smoke. Benign diseases of the vocal cords include congenital vocal cord cysts, nodules due to wrong and excessive use of the voice, polyps, depressions located on the vocal cord axis, which we call sulcus, and granulomas, especially due to the gastric reflux. These diseases should be treated surgically and medically with maximum preserving-methods. Voice therapy is of particular importance for vocal cord nodules and sulcus.

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