Revision Nose Surgery

If a satisfactory result cannot be obtained after the first surgery and there is a problem in the shape of the nose or its harmony with the facial features for any reason, revision (reconstruction) surgery would come up. Besides, if nasal congestion continues, revision surgery is required. While reconstruction surgeries are sometimes a minor intervention, sometimes they can be a much more complex surgery than the first surgery. Every surgeon must have revision surgery. If a surgeon does not perform any revisions, he either does not perform surgery at all, or he does not pay due attention to his patients. The important thing is to keep the revision rate as low as possible and to make the revision in the best possible way when necessary.

Although revision nose surgeries are generally more difficult than the first surgery for the surgeon, it is not different from the first surgery for the patient. However, if it is necessary to remove cartilage from the rib or ear, the patient will also experience pain in these areas after the reconstruction surgery. Although postoperative swelling is no different from the first surgery, final recovery will take longer.
In revision nose surgeries, revealing the problem properly, having reasonable expectations, and good communication with the doctor have a great importance. In particular, failure to diagnose the problem correctly may cause to other revisions. It should also be known that no results can be guaranteed in revision surgery. The doctor’s knowledge and experience are of great importance for a good result like in the first surgery. Therefore, special attention should be paid in the choice of doctors in revision surgeries.

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