Nose Aesthetic (Rhinoplasty)

In addition to being an important organ for health located in the middle of our face, the nose is one of the cornerstones of facial beauty. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that improves the external look of the nose. If you think that there is a deterioration in the nose shape and harmony of the nose with the facial features, either congenitally or due to subsequent trauma, it is possible to solve this with surgery.

Besides being an important organ in the formation of facial expression in the middle of the face, the nose is also an important organ in terms of health. It provides that healthier air reaches our lungs by heating, humidifying and cleaning the air we breathe. In addition to these, it is the organ through which we smell and helps us to taste. These functions of the nose can be spoiled due to reasons like curvatures in the midline of the nose, enlargement of concha, sinusitis and nasal polyps. Problems inside the nose should be determined by detailed examination before the surgery and, if necessary, tomography. If there is a deformity in the functions of the nose during rhinoplasty surgery, I correct them in the same session.

Today’s nose surgeries are surgeries that do not cause as much pain, swelling and bruising as in the past. Especially thanks to the conveniences offered by technology, the surgery process is spent more comfortable. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes between 2 and 3 hours. The nasal splint is removed in the first week and full recovery takes between 3 and 6 months. It takes up to a year for the nose to take its final shape. I perform both open and closed technique surgeries, depending on the patient’s nose needs. It takes up to a year for the patient’s nose to take its final shape. I perform both open and closed technique surgeries depending on the patient’s nose needs.

After deciding on nose surgery, choosing a doctor means a lot. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a surgeon who is especially interested in nose surgery and is experienced, whose results are good, whose patients are satisfied, who is caring and trustworthy. I recommend that you do more research, especially if you have trust issues between you and your doctor.

A good nose is one that does not attract notice when looking at the face. A natural look appeals to all ages would be an ideal and logical goal. Planning before the surgery helps the doctor and the patient agree on the same goal. By making use of photoshop programs and planning before surgery, I get a clearer idea of my patients’ wishes. I am planning surgery based on the decision we have reached.

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